A Model for Characterizing the Influence of the Zachman Framework’s Enterprise Architecture Perspectives

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Antiogbe Koffi


Enterprise Architecture is a complex and daunting discipline that touches multiple aspects of an enterprise as well as people participating in various roles throughout the life cycle of the enterprise. The Zachman FrameworkTM for Enterprise Architecture offers a formal and highly structured representation of an enterprise. The Framework’s “Perspectives” correspond to specific stakeholder groups that play different roles in the implementation of an Enterprise Architecture. This article demonstrates that the influence that the Zachman Framework’s Perspectives (rows) have on each other can be used to derive a rational allocation of stakeholders’ skills and time that promotes specifications cohesion throughout the implementation of an Enterprise Architecture. We do so by prescribing upper bounds to stakeholders’ relative degree of involvement based on the level of influence that they exert at any given point in time on Enterprise Architecture artifacts mapped to the Zachman Framework.

Journal of Enterprise Architecture

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