Book Summary: An Introduction to and Extended Review of Coherency Management

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John Gøtze and Pallab Saha


Available in July 2009, the new book, Coherency Management: Architecting the Enterprise for Alignment, Agility and Assurance discusses a more outcome-oriented way to envision the practice of Enterprise Architecture (EA). The book is edited by Gary Doucet, John Gøtze, Pallab Saha and Scott Bernard, and commenced with the publication of an article in the May 2008 edition of JEA that captured the essential elements of what Coherency Management is all about. This article also formed the basis of a solicitation that went out to Enterprise Architecture leaders throughout the world as the editors looked for others to contribute to the book. The result is a work that covers a wide spectrum of current EA theory and practice throughout the world, with Coherency Management as an organizing principal.

Journal of Enterprise Architecture

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