Characteristics, Roles and Responsibilities of the Modern Day Systems Architect: Lessons from the Field

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Daljit Roy Banger and Justine Barnes


The roles, responsibilities and titles of Architects often vary in relation to the domain or environment in which they operate. Throughout our work with a wide variety of clients, we have discovered that there is a „misconception‟ with regards to both the function and deliverable of the architects. This misconception often means that inappropriate resources are allocated or targeted to tasks; this can result in either delay or in appropriate solutions being delivered. In this article we discuss the roles of Enterprise, Solution and Technical Architects and highlight some key products which are produced, together with the inter dependencies between these individuals and products.

Author biographies
Daljit Roy Banger. Mr. Banger has 25 years of IT industry experience, having undertaken numerous international assignments, on behalf of large multi-national organizations. He has managed several large architectural teams with a focus on the realization of Enterprise Architecture. He specializes in turning around failing practices and delivering value from teams embedded within blue chip organizations. Mr. Banger holds a Master of Science Degree, is a Chartered IT Professional Member of British Computer Society (MBCS CITP) and has a special interest in architectural realization. Mr. Banger has presented at many international conferences and forthcoming presentations can be found at his website He is the author of Simple Enterprise Architecture Tool schedule for release in March 2010.

Justine Barnes. Ms. Barnes has worked on a variety of IT assignments over the last 20 years, undertaking projects for both private and public sector clients, in a wide range of industry areas. She has successfully run her own IT consultancy organization for the past 12 years. He specializes in managing on-site architectural teams and their activities, ensuring artefacts are produced to the requisite quality and time scales, enabling tangible value to be delivered to clients. Justine holds a BSc (Hons) degree in Computing and Information Systems and is co-author of A Simple Enterprise Architecture.

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