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By John Gøtze

Welcome to the May 2013 number of the Journal of Enterprise Architecture.

Chris Bird is the Architect in the Spotlight.

Bjorn Cumps, Stijn Viaene, Pascal Dussart, and Joachim Vanden Brande present findings from case-study research involving 13 organizations, and focus on how EA practices are changing in organizations and how organizations make their EA efforts sustainable.

Leo Pruijt, Raymond Slot, Henk Plessius, and Sjaak
Brinkkemper propose the Enterprise Architecture Realization Scorecard (EARS) and an accompanying method to discover the strengths and weaknesses in the realization process of an EAM function.

Rory Darling examines physical design factors that affect the quality and practical usefulness of an EA repository, and argues that customization of a UML-based pattern guided by Enterprise Architecture principles is the most practical and beneficial approach.

Jonas Hedman and Mikael Schonström address modeling from three perspectives – Enterprise Architecture, ontology, and management theory – and present experiences from a large corporation’s effort to develop a modeling framework.

Lastly, Peter Sjølin reviews Milan Guenther’s important new book Intersection: How Enterprise Design Bridges the Gap Between Business, Technology, and People.

I have decided to step down as Chief Editor of JEA, and this number will be the last number under my editorship.

I have been serving the EA community over 100 peer-reviewed articles over the past three years, and now need to focus more on my own work. It’s been a privilege working with the contributing authors, the reviewers, the editorial board, and the AEA staff.

Thank you.

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Dr. John Gøtze is program manager at the IT University of Copenhagen and lecturer at Copenhagen Business School. He is also CEO of EA Fellows, and runs Carnegie Mellon University’s EA Certification program in Europe.

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