Focusing on Desired Outcomes to Formulate a Customer-Valued Enterprise Management Strategy: A Case Study

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Tyson Brooks and Jeffrey Wallk


The objective of this case study is to determine a method that best supports strategy development through determining customer outcomes using an Enterprise Management Strategy. Customer outcomes are essential in formulating organizational strategies to allow organizations to be more competitive. Adapting Chatterjee’s core objectives theme, the Enterprise Management Strategy includes components such as interest, ideals, incentive, infrastructure/institution, culture, capabilities, needs, values, strategy, objectives and core capabilities. In order to achieve successful strategy, organizations must first understand the outcomes required from customers. IT and business professionals from numerous organizations completed a questionnaire and the results indicate that understanding customer outcomes, strategy and the implementation of strategy enhances overall strategic development. This study proposes an Enterprise Management Strategy which focuses on customer comprehension of outcomes for strategy development rather than focusing only on outcomes and objectives.

Journal of Enterprise Architecture

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