Streamlining IT Application Selection and Integration with a Standard Modeling Language

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Iver Band


IT customers, application providers, and system integrators generally do not use standard representations to describe either application requirements or proposals to satisfy them. The resulting ambiguity exposes application selection and integration processes, however well-structured and executed, to error and delay. Adoption of the ArchiMate visual modeling language, an Open Group standard, would therefore increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the business application marketplace.

Iver Band is an enterprise architect at Standard Insurance Company, where he works on next-generation customer service solutions as well as enterprise architecture methodology and tools. He also participates in The Open Group ArchiMate Forum. Iver joined Standard Insurance in 2008 after 16 years at HP, where his roles included software and IT engineering, architecture, and management. At HP, he was also the second Visiting Technologist at HP Labs, where he led the development of a patented method for managing network access control.

Journal of Enterprise Architecture

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