The Future of Information Technology – Part 4: Self-Adapting System Architecture 2018-2026

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Robert Ellinger


Though it is largely an abstract concept, enterprise architecture (EA) has shaped, is shaping, and will continue to shape information technology. This four-part article traces the author’s observations and predictions about the current and future state of information technology, and the role that EA will play in that evolution. Part 4 looks ver far forward to the next architectural step beyond MEDA that may be called the Self Adapting System Architecture (SASA). Given that SASA is 15 to 20 years out, it is more of an IT architectural vision than a true architecture like SOA or MEDA. Yet, the technology on which it is based has been in university computer science laboratories for 10 to 20 years. This technology has been used in many visionary IT experiments, but has not moved from basic research to research and development yet, in part because it is multifaceted intricate, convoluted, and complex. More importantly, the migration to SASA will require significant changes in business processes and organizational culture.

Journal of Enterprise Architecture

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