The Organization’s Compass – Enterprise Architecture

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Soh Eng Kiat, Lim Han Chiew, Poon See Hong, Chang Chai Fung


This article seeks to establish Enterprise Architecture (EA) as a discipline to achieve an organization’s operating model and position it beyond its current perceived value as framework for standardization and documentation. This is analogous to using a compass, not just to establish the magnetic north but also to chart the direction to go. It describes our operating models, problem space, and the work that has been done to advance the maturity of EA. This is in the form of a foundation layer in the common integrated operating environment that is enabled by our IT governance process. This incremental approach enables projects to incorporate enterprise requirements and collectively build up capabilities to achieve our desired operating model. In this aspect, EA can enable the Ministry of Defense and the Singapore Armed Forces to achieve their operating models – and in the process become their organizational compass.

Journal of Enterprise Architecture

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