Introduction to the 2007 OIO EA Method

Introduction to the OIO EA method. National IT & Telecom Agency, 2007.

The OIO EA method provides an overall and general method that may be used for developing and maintaining enterprise architecture.

The OIO EA method consists of five activity areas – strategy, business, technology, gap analysis and change. Each area contains a number of steps. For each OIO EA step, there is a description of the step explaining its purpose, the stakeholders involved, what input there may be for the step, and what output can be delivered. The method of the step is outlined, followed by good advice and an example of deliverables, as well as templates for these. The relationship of the step to steps in other architecture methods/frameworks is stated. Finally, the step description includes links to relevant external information. The OIO EA method is never used in the same manner – it will always have to be adjusted to the requirements of the individual organisation. OIO EA scenarios show examples of how OIO EA will typically be used in various ordinary scenarios.

Part 1: Introduction

Part 2: Overview over the OIO Enterprise Architecture method

Part 3: The connecting thread: OIO EA scenarios

Part 4: The OIO EA methods activities and steps

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