Journal of Enterprise Architecture

Aug 2005 – Volume 1 Number 1

Architect’s Spotlight: A Conversation with John Zachman
Scott Bernard

The Profession of Enterprise Architect
Carolyn Strano and Qamar Rehmani

Interfaces for Enterprise Solutions
Greg Deller

Simplify the Creation of Enterprise Architecture with Special Expert Teams
Alex Pavlak

EA: It’s Not Just for IT Anymore
David Mayo and Michael Tiemann

Towards Executable Enterprise Models: Ontology and Semantic Web Meet Enterprise Architecture
Irene Polikoff and Robert Coyne

The District of Columbia’s City-Wide Enterprise Architecture
Thomas Mowbray

Nov 2005 – Volume 1, Number 2

Architect’s Spotlight: Remembering Steven Spewak
Scott Bernard

Enterprise Architecture as a Context for ERP Implementation
U Yeliz Eseryel and Nancy Wolff

Service Oriented Architectures: The State of Play in Australia
Bruce McCabe and Robert Kay

CMM-Based EA: Achieving the Next Level of Enterprise Architecture Capacity and Performance
Edmond Vail III, Bruce McCabe and Robert Kay

Managing Enterprise Culture and Politics
Mark Nevelow

Implementing Enterprise Architecture at the U.S. Secret Service
Andrew Blumenthal

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