Journal of Enterprise Architecture

February 2009

Architect’s Spotlight: Alice Cave

Architect’s Toolkit: Review of No Magic MagicDraw with 6 DoDAF Plug-in: Lawrence McCaskill and Ian Komorowski

An Information Model for Managed 12 Application Landscape Evolution
Sabine Buckl, Alexander M. Ernst, Florian Matthes, Christian M. Schweda

Process-Centric Enterprise Architecture
Paul Stamas

A Contingency Approach to 36 Enterprise Architecture Method Engineering
Christian Riege and Stephan Aier

Using Metamodels to Improve Enterprise Architecture
Lyn Uzzle

May 2009

Architect’s Toolkit: Essential Architect v1.0
David Rice

New Book Summary: Coherency Management
John Gøtze and Pallab Saha

A Need for Formalization and Auditing in Enterprise Architecture Programs and Approaches
Scott Bernard and John Grasso

How to Restart an Enterprise Architecture Program After Initial Failure
Gregory Zink

System Architecture Concerns: A Stakeholders Perspective
Rashmi Jain, Anithashree Chandrasekaran, and George Elias

August 2009

Architect’s Toolkit: Enterprise Architect v7.5
Ian Komorowski

Trends in Enterprise Architecture: Virtualization, Visualization, Service-Orientation, and Personal Architectures
Deepesh Joseph

Enablers and Challenges in Using Enterprise Architecture Concepts to Drive Transformation: Perspectives from Private Organizations and Federal Government Agencies
Tamrat Asfaw, Abiodun Bada, and Frank Allario

The Importance of Formal Documentation In Enterprise Architectures
Scott Bernard

Enterprise Architecture for a Community Education Center
Thomas Neff

November 2009

Architect’s Toolkit: Review of Artesian Studio™ with DODAF Profile
Lawrence McCaskill

Book Review: Waltzing with the Elephant
Mark Toomey

Service Oriented Enterprise Architecture, A Conceptual Design Through Data Architecture
Tyson Brooks

The Service Oriented Architecture Method For Federated Architectures
Thomas Mowbray, Grant Chanachote, Bruce Fenchel, and Mark Odell

Metaphor as an Inference from Sign
Barie Fez-Barringten

Skills Analysis for Enterprise Architects: Implications for University Education and Curriculum Design
Keith Frampton and Shuk Ying Ho

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