Journal of Enterprise Architecture

February 2010

Architect’s Spotlight: Barie Fez-Barringten

Tactical Enterprise Architecture: Challenges to Building a Strategic Program
Mark Meyers

Characteristics, Roles and Responsibilities of the Modern Day Systems Architect: Lessons from the Field
Daljit Roy Banger and Justine Barnes

An Enterprise Abstraction Approach: Viewing Enterprise Architecture Through Natural Language Constructs
Bahadir Odevci

Enterprise Data Architecture Trade-Off Analyses
S.V. Subrahmanya, Rajan Sundara and Anupama Nithyanand

Geographic Information Systems in Public Sector Enterprise Architectures: Issues and Challenges
John Dolak and Jenny Dolak

May 2010

Architect’s Spotlight: Dale Meyerrose

Using Enterprise Architecture Models and Bayesian Belief Networks for Failure Impact Analysis
Oliver Holschke, Per Närman, Waldo Rocha Flores, Evelina Eriksson and Marten Schonherr

Are You Solving Today’s Problems With Yesterday’s Thinking?
Dale Meyerrose

Ontology Driven Enterprise Architecture Framework
Ramesh Raghunathan

A Model for Characterizing the Influence of the Zachman Framework’s Enterprise Architecture Perspectives
Antiogbe Koffi

Enterprise Architecture Evaluation Methods
Betsy Stoddard

August 2010

Architect’s Spotlight: Larry DeBoever

Editors’ Corner
Scott Bernard and John Gøtze.

A Decade of Running Lean Impacts Business’ Ability to Recover – Implications for Enterprise Architects
Mark Meyers

Future Research Topics in Enterprise Architecture Management – A Knowledge Management Perspective
Sabine Buckl, Florian Matthes and Christian M. Schweda

Using Enterprise Architecture for the Alignment of Information Systems in Supply Chain Management
Torben Tambo

Reducing Communication Overhead in Enterprise Architecture
Rory Darling

Application Portfolio Rationalization in Large International Enterprises
Inka Vilpola and Ikka Mo Möttönen

November 2010

Editor’s Corner
John Gøtze

Architect in the Spotlight: Kristian Hjort-Madsen

Re-thinking Enterprise Architecture Using Systems and Complexity Approaches
Sally Bean

Using Structural Performance Ratios to Guide Investments in Enterprise Architecture
Chris Potts

Improve Cooperation and Alignment by Involving the Enterprise in the Architectural Development
Morten Gryning, Mikkel Mertz, Ambreen Khan and Jan Staack

Issues on Enterprise Architecture Value
Luis Silva Rodrigues and Luis Amaral

Services in DoDAF V2.0: A Methodology for Making Services Modelable and Relevant in DoDAF V2.0
Lawrence P. McCaskill and Andy D. Rogers

Enterprise Architecture and Information Technology Acquisition Management
Russell S. Boyd and Samantha Geiger

Five Short Reviews of Five Short Books
Len Fehskens

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