Journal of Enterprise Architecture

February 2007

Architect’s Spotlight: Steve Hudock

Trends in Governmental Enterprise Architecture: Reviewing National EA Programs – Part 1
John Gøtze and Peter Engelund Christiansen

The Relationship Between Enterprise Architecture and the Japanese Version of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (J-SOX)
Hirofumi Suetake

The Future of Information Technology – Part 3: Model and Event Driven Architecture (2008-2017)
Robert Ellinger

Comparing the Department of Defense Architecture Framework and the Zachman Enterprise Architecture Framework
Lynda M. Race

May 2007

Architect’s Spotlight: Tanaia Parker

Essential Layers, Artifacts, and Dependencies of Enterprise Architecture
Robert Winter and Ronny Fischer

Presenting a Theory-Based Model for IT Management Responsibilities
Magnus Gammelgard, Mårten Simonsson and Åsa Lindström

Enterprise Architecture and Change Management
Fatima Espinoza

The Future of Information Technology – Part 4: Self-Adapting System Architecture 2018-2026
Robert Ellinger

The Methodology for Business Transformation v1.5: A Practical Approach to Segment Architecture
Colleen Coggins and Jerad Speigel


Architect’s Spotlight: Tim Westbrock

Towards a Generic Evaluation Model for Enterprise Architecture
Tanja Ylimaki

Service Oriented Enterprise Architecture: An Opportunity of Evolution
Rasmus Knippel and Bo Skytte

Creating a Line of Sight in Enterprise Architecture
Branko Primetica and Sonya Jain

Analysis and Application Scenarios of Enterprise Architecture: An Exploratory Study
Robert Winter, Tobias Bucher, Ronny Fischer and Stephan Kurpjuweit

Bridging the Technomic Divide: Using Kiosks and Enterprise Architecture to Deliver Services and Expand Citizen Payment Options in the City of Denton, Texas
Alex Pettit

November 2007

Special Issue: 2007 Trends in Enterprise Architecture Workshop,

Architect’s Spotlight: Adel Harris

A Balanced Scorecard Approach to Measure The Value of Enterprise Architecture
Joachim Schelp and Mattias Stutz

Teaching Enterprise Architecture and Service-Oriented Architecture in Practice
Alain Wegmann, Gil Regev, Jose Diego De la Cruz, Lam-son Le and Irina Rychkova

Integrating an Enterprise Architecture Using Domain Clustering
Stephan Aier and Marten Schonherr

Analyzing System Maintainability Using Enterprise Architecture Models
Robert Lagerström

A Framework for Knowledge Discovery in Enterprise Architecture
Mohamed El Kourdi, Hanifa Shah and Anthony Atkins

A Framework for Local Project Architecture in the Context of Enterprise Architecture
Ralph Foorthuis and Sjaak Brinkkemper

Making Sense of Enterprise Architectures as Tools of Organizational Self-Awareness
Rodrigo Magalhaes, Marielba Zacarias and Jose Tibolet

The Service-Oriented Enterprise
Chistopher Schroth

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