Journal of Enterprise Architecture

February 2008

Editor’s Corner
Scott Bernard

Architect’s Spotlight: Mike Lowe
Scott Bernard

Framework Standards – What’s It All About?
John Zachman

The Organization’s Compass – Enterprise Architecture
Soh Eng Kiat, Lim Han Chiew, Poon See Hong and Chang Chai Fung

A Goal-Oriented Way to Define Metrics for an Enterprise Architecture Program
Niina Hämäläinen and Tommi Kärkkäinen

Integrating Enterprise Architecture and IT Portfolio Management Processes
George Makiya

Enterprise Architecture and IT Governance Considerations for Mergers & Acquisitions in Integrating Sarbanes-Oxley
Graeme Downes

May 2008

Architect’s Spotlight: Gary Doucet

Coherency Management: Using Enterprise Architecture for Alignment, Agility, and Assurance
Gary Doucet, John Gøtze, Pallab Saha, Scott Bernard

A Primer on Framework and Domain Integration from the Federal Enterprise Architecture Perspective
Joe Verscharen

Enterprise Architecture as Strategic Vision
Alex Pavlak

A Survey of Enterprise Architecture Model Transformation Efficiency
Rory Darling

August 2008

Architect’s Spotlight: Pallab Saha

Architect’s Toolbox: iGrafx Flowcharter

Making the Business Case for Enterprise Architecture
Scott Lezynski

Towards Intelligent Discovery of Enterprise Architecture Services
Nico Brehm, Tariq Mahmoud, Jorge Marx Gómez and Ammar Memari

A Practical Guide to Enterprise Information Architecture
Michele Smith

November 2008

Editor’s Corner

Architect’s Spotlight: Waylon Krush

Architect’s Toolbox: Metastorm ProVision

Book Reviews

The Enterprise Architecture Reference Cube
Gundars Osvalds

Which Comes First, Strategy or Architecture?
Tanaia Parker and Tyson Brooks

Improving Government Performance Through Enterprise-Focused Development
Alex Glaros

Focusing on Desired Outcomes to Formulate a Customer-Valued Enterprise Management Strategy: A Case Study
Tyson Brooks and Jeffrey Wallk

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