Journal of Enterprise Architecture

February 2011

Architect in the Spotlight: Philip Allega

Principles in an Enterprise Architecture Context
Erik Proper and Danny Greefhorst

A Process Driven Approach to Modelling Leadership
David Tuffley and Patrick Turner

Market-Driven Enterprise Architecture
Hjalte Højsgaard

Better Business-It Alignment Through Enterprise Architecture: An Actor-Network Theory Perspective
Anna Sidorova and Leon A. Kappelman

The Frugal Enterprise Architect
Mark Meyers

Auditing the Implementation of Enterprise Architecture at the Federal Railroad Administration
John Grasso

Book Review: RecrEAtion by Chris Potts
Len Fehskens

Book Review: RecrEAtion by Chris Potts
Paul Harmon

Book Review: Zoom Factor for the Enterprise Architect by Sharon Evans
Paul Kurchina

May 2011

Architect’s Spotlight: Adrian Apthorp

Governance of Enterprise Transformation and the Different Faces of Enterprise Architecture Management
Daniel Simon

Delivering Business Value Through Enterprise Architecture
Toomas Tamm, Peter B. Seddon, Graeme Shanks and Peter Reynolds

Context-Awareness in Collaboration Architecture: A Conceptual Model for an Enterprise
Abhijit Sur

Evaluating the Effectiveness of Reference Models in Federating Enterprise Architectures
Jeffery A. Wilson, Thomas Mazzuchi and Shahram Sarkani

EA Heavy and EA Light: Two Examples of Successful Enterprise Architecture
Inji Wijegunaratne, Peter Evans-Greenwood and George Fernandez

“The business” does not exist! Why Enterprise Architecture is often a mission impossible
Piet Jan Baarda

Streamlining IT Application Selection and Integration with a Standard Modeling Language
Iver Band

Book Review: 121 Things I Learned in Business Architecture School?
Len Fehskens

Book Review: IT Architecture: Essential Practice for IT Business Solutions
Len Fehskens

August 2011

Architect‘s Spotlight: Roberto Severo de A. Coelho

Processes of Sense-Making and Systems Thinking in Government EA Planning
Anders Jensen-Waud

Business Process Architecture: A Comparative Analysis of Reference Models and Methodologies
Toomas David Horne, Shawn Clark and Arvind Karunakaran

A Lifecycle Approach to Portfolio Management
Marc M. Lankhorst, Piet Boekhoudt and Robert Lagerström

Rethinking our Enterprise Architecture Principles
Mark Meyers

Establishing Enterprise Architecture at WA Police
Anthony Rees

Book Review: Managing As Designing by Richard J. Boland Jr. and Fred Collopy
Len Fehskens

Book Review: Making Technology Investments Profitable: ROI Roadmap from Business Case to Value Realization by Jack M. Keen
Iver Band

November 2011

Architect in the Spotlight: Robert Weisman

Enterprise Architecture – Critical to Large Transformation Programs
Suyog Mahendra Shah

The Successful Enterprise Architecture Effort
Mikkel Stokbro Holst and Tue Westmark Steensen

Getting More out of Government Enterprise Architecture
Wai Chung

A Survey of Approaches to Virtual Enterprise Architecture: Modeling Languages, Reference Models, and Architecture Frameworks
Amit Goel, Sumit Kumar Jha, Ivan Garibay, Heinz Schmidt and David Gilbert

Conceptual Outline for Rapid IT Application Information Discovery
Michael Linke

Rational Systems Design for Health Information Systems in Low-income Countries: An Enterprise Architecture Approach
Henry Mwanyika, David Lubinski, Richard Anderson, Kelley Chester, Mohamed Makame, Matt Steele and Don de Savigny

An Enterprise Architecture for Banking
Sonia González

Arquitectura Empresarial en el Sector Bancario
Sonia González

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